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1962 M-38A1Brookhaven, GA $15,000

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Looks in good shape.





“Up for sale is a Vietnam War era USMC Contract M38A1. This jeep went through a 10 year restoration and was restored with all original parts and new canvas seats and full winter enclosure.

ORIGINAL RAMSEY Model 50R winch is not included in sale and has been removed after pictures were taken.

Can deliver for 2.00/mile inside of 150 miles, otherwise I can help you arrange shipping or pickup

Here are the details: (pictures in link at bottom will highlight everything described below)


The body of this USMC M38A1 is rust free and free of dents and dings and is nice very straight. Paint is excellent plus condition and looks new. The body was completely disassembled, blasted, primed, skimmed, primed again then painted 24082 (USMC semi-gloss). This is the best tube I’ve seen in my 20 years of collecting military jeeps. The Fenders are just about perfect and even have the cloth webbing between the mating services of the fender and the tube. The same goes for the fenders to the grille. Floors are perfect and rear cargo area is flat with no caving in from weight being carried over the years. Body has rubber gaskets on the glove box and tool storage box below passenger seat, which are rarely seen. You will have a hard time beating the condition of the body on any other jeep.

Data Plates:

The Data Plates on the vehicle are original to the vehicle.


Engine was completely rebuilt and less than 100 miles have been put on it since. Engine starts right up, even when cold if given about ¼ ” choke, then choke can be pushed all the way in and she runs perfect. Engine was bored .040 over. Original carb was rebuilt and looks like new with the zinc finish. Everything else on the engine was NOS when installed, with the exception of new gaskets for the NOS fuel pump as the old gaskets get dried out or cannot handle the newer gas. She sounds like a sewing machine and has tons of power. (Have video in the picture link below).

Drive Train:

Drive train items were completely rebuilt including axles, transmission and transfer case. Transmission shifts perfectly and does not scream or pop out of gear. Transfer case shifts to 4×4 and hi/low with ease and smoothly at a stop. Transmission and transfer do not leak (they do have oil in them). Parking brake works perfect and will hold the jeep with no problem on a slight hill or incline. The USMC contract M38A1s had locking differentials installed at the factory. The only non-original part of the drive train are the two period Sears Lock-Out hubs for the front axle. This reduces wear and tear on the drive line as well as makes the vehicle steer better by by-passing the front locking differential.

Fuel System:

Fuel system has new correct fuel tank with no rust and is bright and shinny on the inside and fuel pump/vacuum pump was NOS and has rubber diaphragms replaced to deal with today’s crappy fuel.


The two front seats and rear seat have new canvas by Weebee Webbing. The top is the correct military top that will mount the side curtains and doors. The side curtains, doors and top are all included with vehicle. The top was also made by Weebee Webbing and is just about mint, even retains that new canvas smell.


All electrical components were NOS when installed and if they had failed during long term storage, they were rebuilt. All lights work and are correct for the USMC contract M38A1s. Generating system charges and all gauges work as new. A new complete wiring harness was installed during the restoration as well.

Brakes and Steering:

Steering is tight and vehicle tracks and brakes straight with no pull to one side. New brake lines, steel and rubber, were installed as well as new wheel cylinders and pads when restored.


Tires are like new and have some wear on them from use prior to the restoration, still have nubs, but I cannot call them new.


Paint is epoxy and is semi-gloss USMC forest green with the correct yellow lettering


Fording Kit: The M38A1 comes with a complete original installed USMC fording kit for the M38A1. The kit even has the hook on the hood to hold the flexible tube/hose. (to open hood, life tube/hose out of bracket and set to the side). The original tailpipe has an M151 exhaust guard installed for safety purposes as they originally were not shielded and I’ve seen too many people, including myself get burned on a hot fording exhaust pipe by either grabbing it, or brushing on it when walking by. This can be removed by removing the metal ties and lifting off the top of the pipe.

This is all I can think of to describe this 1963 M38A1 at the moment, the pictures in the link below will describe best. You won’t be disappointed with this beautiful and historical vehicle. I would not worry about taking her out on a 8 hour drive, provided my butt would be able to take such a long drive. She is one amazing and beautiful vehicle.


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