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WANTED: Military Jeeps in Greenwich Village, NY

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This struck me as an odd add, so I figured I would forward it. Someone in New York City is hunting for jeeps, though for what purpose isn’t clear.

“Military Jeeps Wanted:
MB, M38 , GPW , M38a1 , M170
Clean civilian models considered CJ-2A , CJ3, CJ-3B, CJ-5, Scrambler, CJ-7”


2 Comments on “WANTED: Military Jeeps in Greenwich Village, NY

  1. Bill

    Might be a NJ post – there is someone that been advertising for years. You see it in most free publications, like the Lancaster Farming weekly

  2. Gary

    Well I hope it’s legit because I’m looking to sell my “48” and getting tired of looking for a happy home for it.

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