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1945? CJ-2A? Fresno, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500. This is back up for sale after being listed in 2009. Could be a CJ-2L.

“1945 Willy jeep roll cage winch to much to list.”



5 Comments on “1945? CJ-2A? Fresno, CA **SOLD**

  1. Kenny

    I have seen one of these before. Don DuBois that used to own Willys and the Poor Boys in Boise has one. He now lives in CourD’lane area now. He told me that they were developed for military use as a litter carrier. Hence the extended body.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Thanks Kenny,

    I probably should have been more clear that I saw nothing to indicate a year on this. I have seen both MB versions, which were used as a litter carrier and a mini troop carrier as well, and CJ-2A versions, though I’m less sure of their specific uses. I have a collection of pics of various kinds of extended flatties that I need to organize into a section about them (another To-Be-Completed Project).

    BTW, given I’m in Boise, what is/was the “Willys and the Poor Boys”?


    – Dave

  3. Les Berg

    My understanding of the stretched CJ2As we’re looking at here is that they aren’t military. The jeeps we’re looking at as CJ2Ls have almost all been stretched 24 inches.

    There was a prototype flatfender M38 ambulance, the MC-A that was (I believe) stretched 20″. What little info I’ve read on it is summarized here:
    but i have seen a website created by an owner that has numerous pictures, I just can’t find it. I believe that’s where I got the 20″ stretch from. This was carried over into the M38A1-based ambulance, the M170.

    That puts our jeeps at 4″ too long to be military. I’d also argue that finding the majority of them in the inland northwest, specifically in the Spokane, Moses Lake, Coeur d’Alene area doesn’t make much sense from a military-leftover hypothesis.

    There’s a picture of the prototype M38 ambulance over at the G503.
    If you look, the spare is inside the body on the passenger side. It sits low, like the M170, and would require a well in the floor to mount it. I have see no evidence of this well being present in any of the potential CJ-2Ls.

    I am keeping an open mind on the source of these jeeps.

    That said, I think the idea of them being a ‘dealer option’ makes them far more rare and desirable than back-yard hacks. Granted, it’s not a Yenko Camaro by any, umm, stretch, but I really like mine.

    Deilers, check the new listings. One of the latest jeeps posted has the very same rear wheel wells.

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