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Hand Built Mini-Jeeps out of Bolivia

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Richard Michalsky builds “mini-jeeps” out of his shop in Bolivia. These jeeps are all metal. The first vehicle, an MB look-a-like was completed in 3 years. It is 25% Smaller than the original vehicle and is 2WD, but has made of the same details. It is powered with a 3 Cyl engine from a Kia 1000cc. It weighs around 1250lbs.

This second jeep is a civilian model. It’s styled different, but appears to be built in a way similar to the  MB-like jeep. It too is only 2WD. They look like a kick to drive around.


7 Comments on “Hand Built Mini-Jeeps out of Bolivia

  1. Ed

    Real nice job. Better than most can restore a real jeep with off the shelf parts!
    I not a super big guy…but I find the stock jeep small enough.

  2. David Eilers

    They have plans to build them, but whether they could ever important them into the US is questionable. As I understand it, they would have to be sold as new, but they’d never meet the new safety standards.

  3. Cory

    Hey, is there any way I could possibly purchase the blueprints for the mini jeep!? This would be a blast to build and drive on atv/utv trails here in Idaho!!

  4. David Eilers


    Those would only be available through Richard or Jerry Michalsky. I don’t have any blueprints for these.

    – Dave

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