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Old Jeeping Photos of the Rubicon?

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These old photos I bought off of eBay show aren’t the best. They capture a weekend of jeeping somewhere in California, possibly the Rubicon.

jeep-caravan-trip-1960s-21 jeep-caravan-trip-1960s-20 jeep-caravan-trip-1960s-19 jeep-caravan-trip-1960s-18

jeep-caravan-trip-1960s-17 jeep-caravan-trip-1960s-16

jeep-caravan-trip-1960s-15 jeep-caravan-trip-1960s-14 jeep-caravan-trip-1960s-13 jeep-caravan-trip-1960s-12 jeep-caravan-trip-1960s-11 jeep-caravan-trip-1960s-10 jeep-caravan-trip-1960s-9 jeep-caravan-trip-1960s-7 jeep-caravan-trip-1960s-6 jeep-caravan-trip-1960s-5 jeep-caravan-trip-1960s-4 jeep-caravan-trip-1960s-3 jeep-caravan-trip-1960s-2 jeep-caravan-trip-1960s-1


2 Comments on “Old Jeeping Photos of the Rubicon?

  1. Doug In Ohio

    Very cool photos!And no roll bars in the jeeps.Looks like they were having a great time.Thanks for sharing Dave.:)

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