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1941 MB Slat Grille Levittown, PA $44,000


Looks like lots of work was put into this Slat Grille.

“Willys Slat Grille DOD 12-24-41 National Show Winner! A rare opportunity to buy a true blue chip grade WWII Jeep! Slat Grill WWII jeeps are considered by many collectors to be one of the most desirable & valuable of all war time jeeps. This particular jeep was delivered on Christmas Eve, which is quite cool by itself. Slat Grilles are known for their long list of early characteristics. These parts are quite rare and demand big money when sold. This jeep has all those items correctly done. The list includes: NOS A/C air cleaner, solid wheels with Good Year tires, gas & amp gauge, early thin needle speedo, early round exhaust, early type radiator, hinged filterette box, zippered bottom seat cushions, early type T-84, early Ross steering box, scalloped rear axle shafts, split back seat frames, two hinge tool box doors, early type hood, early type intake manifold, early type rivet oil pan, early type leaf springs (fronts are NOS), early pedal pads and arms, early type battery tray, Purolator oil filter, early generator, & small dip stick, Willard Optima battery, etc… This jeep would be very hard to duplicate today and the cost would easily exceed $75K. If you have additional question please call.”



4 Comments on “1941 MB Slat Grille Levittown, PA $44,000

  1. bill gross

    would anybody know what the serial number would be ? I am working on one now with the same delivery date

  2. Merlin Hanson

    The seller is George Baxter, owner of Army Jeep Parts. He is extremely knowledgeable and honest. I am sure that slat grill is everything he says it is. On a side note AJP is one of my main parts suppliers, they have many parts specially made and only carry the best that is available. You can save a few bucks at some other places but I always go with AJP when they have what I need and thus I get parts that fit right.

    Website for AJP is call them and you may be able to speak to George and ask about the serial number.


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