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1961 Maverick Wagon Annapolis, MD **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

A beautiful Maverick wagon restored by Willys America.

“Impeccably and professionally restored by Paul Berry of Willy’s America in California. No changes not original except aftermarket windshield wiper motor. It can be returned to vacuum power easily. Assembled near the closing of the Willy’s manufacturing line this 1961 two-tone Willy’s Maverick was named for the television show starring James Garner popular at the time. Very few miles on the completely rebuilt engine. Original paint colors in better condition than the original paint. This Willy’s is a collector’s dream vehicle. No radio, no seat belts, no smog or catalytic converter this vehicle is as it came of the assembly line.”





9 Comments on “1961 Maverick Wagon Annapolis, MD **SOLD**

  1. Dave

    I am going to open the can or worms.
    The Maverick Special was produced for the 1959 model only.
    There is literature available on this, I think I have a copy.
    It was produced as the Maverick Special because Willys was a sponsor
    of the program.
    The “special” had a 4-cylinder engine, not much in the way of options.
    The price was $1995. That’s what made it a “special”.
    Subsequent wagons were just “utility” wagons.

  2. Mike

    Thank you Dave, that can of worms was well worth opening, I hope this factual information puts an end to calling every 2 wheel drive wagon a Maverick.

  3. Dave

    Further research has turned up some more information, but I cannot verify the accuracy of the
    information, since I have found some conflicting data.
    According to one article, only 197 true 1959 Maverick wagons were produced. Serial # prefix
    58147. They had a 1-piece windshield, other ’59 models had a 2-piece windshield.
    As time permits I will try to track down some more information, maybe someone else can help.
    I do have a copy of a 1959 factory photo of the “Maverick”.

  4. Pascal

    The trim look like a 1960 station wagon. The Maverick 1959 did’nt have the trim going on the hood. At least this is based on the sales flyer that i own.

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