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1947 CJ-2A Wichita, KS **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $9500.

Looks solid.

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“Own a piece of flat fender history! 1947 Willys CJ2A FOR SALE

I drive this jeep weekly. It starts every time Winter or Summer! It is amazingly agile off-road or on-road. I have enjoyed it and the neighbor kid and dogs love to drive in it.

Go Devil L Head 4 cylinder, 3 speed T84 WWII era transmission. Clutch and transmission work well.

The top speed is 50mph. This Willys cruises easily in traffic at 45mph. Many of these old jeeps only cruise about 35mph. People are surprised when I beat them off the line and drive faster than they do.
4WD with switches on the axle. I only used the four wheel drive once, and it worked fine.

NO RUST. Working tail gate. All gauges, horn, lights (high and low beam), trailer lights, and blinkers work. Includes spare inflated military tire, tow bar, Windshield folds down and glass pivots out for air flow, original oil bath air cleaner, 12V conversion with alternator and battery. Heater installed.

This jeep and optional trailer are street legal with tags and clean Kansas titles. Lap seat belts are installed. It drives straight and smooth (no death wobble). “Death Wobble” is when many of these old jeeps have worn steering boxes which cause oversteering and wondering. This jeep does NOT have that issue.

It has a replacement soft top included. The windows can roll up like a safari top in the summer for shade. This top really makes a difference and allows me to drive it all year round. The top is brand new out of the box from the 1980’s! The vinyl has some slight spotting, and needs to be buffed out. I drove all winter with it as is, and does not hurt visibility.

Includes 2″ ball and pintle hook. This jeep pulls trailers very well. I hauled limbs in a 5×10′ trailer without any issues. The 1966 military trailer I am selling additional has a pintle hook hitch (cheerio type hitch). They used pintle hooks so you could get full articulation in ditches, berms, etc. People use the pintle hook now days for rock climbing. 1966 military trailer, available at extra cost, has Kansas title and both highway and military tires included. Use the trailer with this Jeep or your current truck. I also have the 2″ pintle hitch for your modern truck.

It is easy to get any part you need online at Kaiser Willys and many other sites. Many parts have been replaced on this restoration. Real head-turning vehicle!

Notes: Emergency brake is not installed (I shut it off in gear with no problems of rolling). Emergency flashers are installed where the emergency break hole is. Wheels have tubes and hold air fine, but rubber tires will eventually need replaced. Heater worked all winter but noticed fan doesn’t blow right now (may need to spray out the switch). Typical oil drips, but I installed a large drip pan so don’t have drips on driveway. Carburetor works fine, but is not factory correct, as a linkage has been modified. If you slam on the brakes it wants to go slightly to the right, but not a problem on normal breaking and when you expect it.

This is a GREAT Willys Jeep ready to drive today….be ready to get a lot of people waving, stopping, kids pointing, and questions when you get gas! It is a hit at parades and car shows.

If you need it delivered, I can work that out with you if you purchase it ahead of time.

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3 Comments on “1947 CJ-2A Wichita, KS **Status Unknown**

  1. S.Giraud

    Has a WWII, Early CJ-2A Spicer model #23-2 rear axle which is not correct for year. Nice looking jeep though.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Norman,

    I haven’t seen it relisted. I’ve updated the post. If I see it relisted I’ll drop you a note.

    – Dave

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