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Odd Jeepster-like Jeep Hot Springs, AR **SOLD**

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UPDATE II: This *might* have evolved into a scam. The seller agreed to sell to one buyer and provided directions to get the vehicle, but now is avoiding the buyer’s calls. 

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $900

Here is an odd one I spotted on Facebook. It reminds me of Bob’s odd Jeepster-like vehicle.

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“This is a very strange “Jeep like” vehicle that is not a Jeep. I was told that it was possibly a specialty vehicle built in the 60s and that it originally had a 4 or 6 cylinder engine that the previous salvage yard owner removed and sold. 2 wheel drive. No seats or top frame. It has full length curved metal running board fenders that Jeeps never had. It also has a center console that housed the shifter. It was originally painted a coral pink color so the possibility exists that it was a resort shuttle vehicle. It is NOT, repeat NOT, a Jeep Surrey model! They look nothing like this “thing”. No engine or transmission. I saved it from a salvage yard over 10 years ago. It has 14 inch “A.J. Foyt” mag wheels that probably are original. Rusty but restorable. Buy it for $900 firm, fix it up, and have the only one out there.”



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