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H.C.L. Sieberg Netherlands “Peace Jeep” Importer

• CATEGORIES: Airborne Lightweight Jeeps, Features

The Netherlands firm of H.C.L. Sieberg began selling jeeps in 1946 after acquiring 1400 jeeps from an army depot. The firm bought an additional 1000 jeeps. In May of 1946 Director L.F.J. Mählmeijer visited Toledo to secure an agreement for supply Sieberg with parts. Sieberg got permission to import four CJ-2As, called the “peace jeep” in the Netherlands, for demonstration purposes. It was an uphill battle, but overtime, the government allowed the company to import more jeeps for agricultural purposes.

Below are some examples of Sieberg brochures printed in Dutch. Thanks to Charles for sharing these photos. The photos and the history was published at in Dutch. You can read an english translated version of the page here.

folder-landbouwjeeps-sieberg1 jeep-sieberg-jan-4 JEEP-Sieberg-2 willys-bulletin-1948-sieber Jeepster-Sieberg willys-jeep-1950-sieberg-2


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  1. Neil R

    I’d love to have that mower attachment.
    Cool ads, but the only thing I could think of was “a moose once bit my sister…”

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