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1941 Wooden Willys Wittman, MD $2000

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UPDATE: **Status Unknown**

(12/31/2014) “1941 willy’s jeep drive train built on wooden body. Titled and legal for road. Lights even work!!!”

1941-wooden-jeep-wittman-md0 1941-wooden-jeep-wittman-md1 1941-wooden-jeep-wittman-md2 1941-wooden-jeep-wittman-md3 1941-wooden-jeep-wittman-md4

Old images before the 2008 sale:


14 Comments on “1941 Wooden Willys Wittman, MD $2000

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  2. Robert Anderson

    As is….agree with kilroy, paint pukes it.
    Last picture without the green…agree with Bob…kinda cool !

  3. John Hartman

    Looks like a Land Rover with an upside down Model T steering wheel. How rare is that?

  4. Joe in Mesa

    At this point, recommend removing that body (use it for the kids to play on). Return it’s dignity with a restorable flatfender body. I’m not even convinced about the 1941 drive train given that raised T90 style shift bump, so a CJ2A or 3A tub should work. Just keep that cool steering wheel!

  5. Dan

    Maybe this is a rare US Navy prototype for the Seabees. I’m sure given enough time we can find an expert on this. Might help if we knew if it was a Ford or Willys Lol. All laughing aside The fact that someone can take a jeep down to nothing and put it back together into another life form shows just how versatile and sought after the jeep really is. Even today many young kids want to find a “jeep” to make into a monster mud machine. It definitely not my cup of tea but I have to give the builder an A for effort. If it really is a 1941 chassis, how many people can say that they have at least a piece of resurrected WW2 history made into another life form. I myself I’m a purest. I wish every jeep ever built was kept in its original condition. I’m restoring an M38 back to original. I’m so into original that I am 40 plus hours into a fuel tank rebuild. I guess it’s all in the eyes of the beholder.

  6. steve

    get me some money.
    Wooden Nickles? (can’t resist)

    A specialty build like this has a limited audience……………………………….

  7. Dan

    If it was a plywood PT boat I would consider it. Don’t know where i would put it but would consider it.

    Does anyone know if this is anphibious? Might be able to market it as a bass boat.

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