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1970 DJ-5 Stockton, CA $800


This is probably just a modified DJ-5, but given the rear does’ have the standard wheel well on the outside (it covers the wheel, which is unusual). May be something unique here.

“If your interested in a project. Then this is perfect.
No title. No pink. Bill of sale only. Should be fun for a
Ranch or use it like a golf cart. Automatic transmission.
4 cylinder engine. 2 wheel drive only. $800 Obo.
Its was used by a university, then on a farm. ”

1970-dj5-stockton-ca1 1970-dj5-stockton-ca2


2 Comments on “1970 DJ-5 Stockton, CA $800

  1. Joe in Mesa

    4 cylinder and Automatic Trans??? Interesting. Seems like a cool, affordable project to me. Probably just a chopped mail jeep, but much cooler already.

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