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Parmley Bodied Jeep Canton, OH Call for Price

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John bought this Parmley-bodied jeep in Canton, Ohio, from an elderly couple who have since passed. He purchased it and is interested in reselling it to someone who wants an interesting project. Having the hardtop is very rare.

“It has the 225 Buick Dauntless engine with holley 4 barrel and it runs.
It belonged to an older couple whom has passed on.
There was no title but there was a tag in the glove box for a 1973.
I was going to put it on Ebay. I am not really interested in restoring it.
If you no some one that would be interested in it…Pass it along. Call me at 330-284-3600.”



4 Comments on “Parmley Bodied Jeep Canton, OH Call for Price

  1. Mark S.

    This jeep seems to be creating some interest. “Jalopnik” has posted a story on it. The owner has turned down $3700. for it. The current consensus among non-jeepers is that it is junk and is basically worthless. I think most jeepers would not agree. I have been involved with jeeps for 45 years and have never seen one for sale. I think many jeep collectors would be interested in this jeep at that price range.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I haven’t documented any others for sale. I don’t think it’s worth all that much, but there is certainly value here. Too bad few can see that. (thanks for heads up Mark!)

    According to Parmley’s daughter, only thirty kits were produced. Not all had hardtops, making this much more rare. However, that doesn’t mean its valuable. Most people have no appreciation for them.

    According to Jalopnik (, “What it is, it seems, is a one of thirty specials designed and built by a gentleman named Tom Parmley in Compton California back in the ‘70s. Parmley had rolled his CJ-5 and wanted a replacement body that was a bit more functional and styled with a bit more sass. He apparently also had the means to make his dreams become a reality.

    The result was a series of double-wall, bolt-on fiberglass bodies that were offered for $1,000 from Parmley Engineering’s factory. A reputed 30 of the kits left that factory before, I guess, the money ran out.”

    – Dave

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