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1945 MB Rochester, MN $12,000


Looks solid.

“1945 Willy Jeep Model MB. Restored to very good condition. Runs great, has recently been driven. $12,000 firm. Drive home a piece of history!”



5 Comments on “1945 MB Rochester, MN $12,000

  1. JW

    Is it just me, or is that MB missing the indent for the ax? Second one I’ve seen like that in a week. Looks like the wrong wheels too.

    I’ve never seen that photo before, but maybe this is the same Jeep I saw advertised somewhere else.

  2. Joe Minnesota

    Your right! Looks like its missing the shovel/axe indent.

    I think 12 is a little high for a So-so resto

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Maybe the top one is there, but the bottom one has been patched? Looks like it could have some bondo there.

  4. JW

    Here’s the other:
    I knew I saw a similar Jeep recently. Looks like a different MB, but again with the ax indent filled and incorrect wheels.

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