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1953 CJ-3B Holland, NY **Status Unknown**


UPDATE:**Status Unknown** Was $4000

(11/20/2015) Looks like a good price.

“1953 Willy jeep. Came off a farm in Lancaster county PA. The second owner rebuilt the engine, front springs, clutch, new wire harness, gas tank, reconditioned harrison heater(works great), new brakes,all done by Walcks in Bowmanstown Pa. New seat covers, half top with doors. Mechanically, it is 100%. the second owner was a purist as the body was left pretty much original(still 6 volt). I have never had to jump or even charge the battery while it sat for over 6 months at times. Have a complete plow set-up from a 1948 CJ2 if interested.”


1953-cj3b-holland-ny1 1953-cj3b-holland-ny2 1953-cj3b-holland-ny3 1953-cj3b-holland-ny4


11 Comments on “1953 CJ-3B Holland, NY **Status Unknown**

  1. Minnesota Chris

    I like the half cab. Not original paint on the jeep and it’s had some body work. The drain holes have been covered. It looks fairly complete. A lot of good stuff here and would be worth checking out.

  2. bob in nc

    tail gate looks a little rusty, looks like some welding/patches in back behind rear parking lights.

  3. bob in nc

    this looks very similar to a very nice running 3b I saw near Lancaster. ran like a top but had serious rust/ body problems. if you look at he pictures you can see on the lower drivers side, where the drain holes are covered (on the inside of the jeep) bad, bad rust. I loved the jeep till I saw how bad the body was.

  4. Teach

    Wished it were a little closer to RI…I would love to see it in person. Might even consider selling my M38a1 with a steel 1/2 cab for it if the rust wasn’t too bad on this 3B. Love the canvas 1/2 cab and the patina in the bed (might be nice with a clear coat), and even though the paint isn’t original, looks good. I’m not a purist.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    I haven’t seen this relisted since last December. Either it sold or the seller is waiting for spring to list again.

    – Dave

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