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Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Just as a reminder,

Ann, my kids, and I will be spending the week in the Seattle area. I do have some updates scheduled to appear, but they will be limited. The kids leave on the 26th and Ann and I will be back in Pasco by the 27th, so I imagine normal updates will begin at least by Dec. 28th, if not earlier.

Lawrence and his dogs once again dressed up for the holidays. Thanks for the photos!

maybach2 maybach1


17 Comments on “Merry Christmas Everyone!

  1. Minnesota Chris

    Sounds like a fun time. If you get bored there is a traveler in Tacoma you can check out 😉 . Have fun and be safe

  2. Mark S.

    Merry Christmas Dave, Ann and Family, have a nice holiday! Sounds like the weather has been a little rough lately.

  3. Joe in Mesa

    Merry Christmas Dave and Ann and family!
    …and Chris and Todd (Minnesota and Idaho)
    …and Colin out here and Mike in NJ
    …and Roberto and Pascal
    …and other eWillys fans and friends everywhere 🙂

  4. Alaska Paul

    Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to ewillys folks world wide from Alaska Paul, the Goddess and Ming the Wonder Parrot.

    My Willys will be finished soon………Honest!

  5. Desert Jim

    Merry Christmas to everyone around the world. Have fun, stay safe, happy Jeeping and have a Happy New Year !! 🙂

  6. Neil Russell

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Enjoy your time off, you certainly spend enough time going out of your way to provide us all with great info!

  7. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks for the well-wishes everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas! Regular updates are still on schedule for Monday morning.

    – Dave

  8. Steve E.

    What better way to carry the sleigh than a team of whippets pulling a ’29 Whippet Rumble Seat Roadster through Canada. Awesome car, and I really like the hound mascot on the radiator cap. These photos started off my Christmas right! Thanks for sharing, Lawrence. The Whippet is an essential ancestor to my era of Willys motor vehicles (’48 to ’62).

    **Steve E.**

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