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1944 Photo of Marion Isbell’s GP on eBay

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UPDATE: Marion Isbell’s Ford GP was part of a photo shoot on his farm in Geneva Lake, Wisconsin. The top one is currently for sale on eBay. The rest were sold earlier. A little hard to believe all photos were taken on the same day, January 20, 1994.

1. For sale on eBay: View all the information on eBay

“You are bidding on an original press photo of Lake Geneva WI Man M Isbell Using WWII Jeep on His Farm. Photo has some slight waving left & right edges. If the listing shows thin red and/or green lines, they are the result of a bad scan & the lines are NOT on the actual scan. Photo measures 7 x 9 inches and is dated 1/20/1944.”

1944-01-20-chicago-ford-gp-1 1944-01-20-chicago-ford-gp-2

2. **SOLD** Was on eBay in Oct 2014.

Here’s a photo of a Ford GP pulling a manure spreader on Marion Isbell’s farm in Geneva Lake, Wisconsin. “1944 US Army Jeep Pulls Manure Spreader Alongside Horse & Wagon”




3. **SOLD** Was on eBay December of 2014.

“1944 Press Photo Former Army Jeep Used for Ice Harvesting Lake Geneva Wisconsin”



4. **SOLD** Was on eBay  in November 2014.

“You are bidding on an original press photo of Lake Geneva WI Farmer Using Vintage WWII Jeep For Work. Photo has waving due to too much glue being used to apply the information sheet onto the back of the photo Photo measures 7 x 9 inches and is dated 1/20/1944.”




6 Comments on “1944 Photo of Marion Isbell’s GP on eBay

  1. Mark S.

    Very interesting photo, I don’t think the Wisc. DNR would approve of today. The GP appears to not have chains on, pretty good job on solid ice. I wonder what that flatbed truck weighed fully loaded, I hope the driver got hazardous duty pay.

  2. Kerry

    There is now a max hole size you are allowed to cut in the ice. Nothing like walking (or driving your jeep ) along and dropping into large hole that iced over with a little snow on top.
    Not sure But I don’t think the lake ices over thick enough to drive on any more, at least not every year. Remember when you approach a ICE Ridge, don’t stop to look for a safe place to cross , hit the Beeping gas pedal !!! I personally wait until I see fully loaded semis driving on the ice before I will even walk out on there.

  3. Doug In Ohio

    I know nothing about ice harvesting.What is the jeep doing in this pic?Is it pulling a moving floor/slat on the wagon?

  4. Kerry

    looks like the jeep is pulling a slab up the trailer to the bed of the truck, That is cheating, should hump the slab from the water to the the barn all by hand… This type of activity was often a day when whole town turned out ( smaller towns) and some of the ice was earmarked for public/town events, ie 4th of JULY celebration. Local museum where I live has lots of photos of this being done from the 1880 on. The hand tools used often were also logging tools put to work for a day.
    Lake ice from a cold water lake is like no other. Today modern ice machines don’t come close. I have some ( expensive addition to my Coke ) one summer years ago.You will notice the difference one the first sip.

  5. mmdeilers Post author

    Thanks for the insights Kerry. I too know nothing about ice harvesting.

    You know … Now I’m going to have to search for some lake ice for my water/coke/drink, because I have to know what that tastes like!

  6. Doug In Ohio

    Thanks for the insite Kerry! It interests me enough that I need to do some reasearch into ice farming.That ice from a cold water lake would be like fresh water fish from a cold lake that is caught and eaten the same day.Nothing compares.

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