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1947 CJ-2A Bitterroot Valley, MT **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3900.

(08/15/2015) This has an unusual rollcage. The jeep still needs some work.

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“We are no longer firmly asking what a Willys CJ2A in this nice condition is worth at $4,700. But, with being in urgent need to get items sold for unexpected financial expenses, we are willing to consider any reasonable offers and will consider trade from partial to full.

We have owned this CJ2A for about 7 years and put a total of about 50 miles on it. When we bought it we thought about doing an extensive restoration as that is our side line business of restoring old trucks and Jeeps.

Previously, we never had time to get to the cosmetics of the CJ2A with so many other projects ahead of it. Since putting it up for sale and now getting inquiries , we decided to go ahead with a moderate restoration which is about completed. We just ordered a new complete set of gauges which will be installed soon. We are about 97% completed with all we wanted to do in this restoration.

We have replaced the old broken down seats with decent bucket seats, sanded it down and repaired the few rust areas. After priming, we did a very nice camouflage paint job which draws a lot of attention and is quite complimented by everyone who sees it. We think it looks impressive, so it is nice to get such positive feedback from those seeing it.

Being an ugly duckling without a title when we bought the CJ2A via Bill of Sale, it was not an issue since we had opted to just use it as a homestead Jeep ranch type jeep. However, after getting it in perfect running condition and starting restoring it. With it now running and looking so nice, we decided to go through the process of applying for and got a clear Montana title.

Being a farm jeep, the CJ2 only had a piece of old scratched up plexi-glass for a windshield which we have removed. We have not decided yet whether to replace it likewise or go with glass windshield. Considering it is not important if we sell it or keep it, we will leave this option open to a buyer if it does sell.

When we first purchased this CJ2A it had mechanical problems which we found to be a broken rocker arm which we replaced with a new one, making it purr like a kitten. This engine is the later F-134 overhead valve engine introduced in the mid-50’s in the CJ3A and military M38A1 to replace the earlier vintage flat head engines.

The previous owner had just cut a big hole in the top of the low profile CJ2A hood for the taller overhead valves engine air cleaner to poke through. This left the top of the engine exposed to the weather which we could not have, so we fabricated a nice fiberglass hood scoop to keep the weather and critters out. This also significantly improved the appearance.

This model of engine was used well into the 60’s from what we have learned, so we presume it is from mid 50’s to mid 60’s. This one runs exceptionally well. This CJ2A runs, shifts, drives and stops, so there are no mechanical issues we are aware of.”


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  1. Joe in Mesa

    Interesting paint/finish: like acid-inspired camo meets faux alabaster look??? Might look nice all done.

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