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1952 M-38A1 Knoxville, TN $12,500

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $12,500

“1952 Willys M38a1 ‘Army Jeep’
Full frame off restoration. Everything was rebuilt or replaced with NOS or new parts. Too much to list.
Jeep is fully functioning 24 volt waterproof electrical, great running 134 Hurricane engine, excellent driving and show quality paint.

I never thought I would sell. The only item that is unfinished is the vacuum system for the wipers. Only needs a hose. I was never going to drive in the rain.

Price is starting at $12,500 which is less than I have in it or the parts would be worth separate. Text or call for a viewing.

Little list of work done:
The body was removed and any rust was cutout and welded in new metal or replaced whole pieces, such as both fount fenders and the gas tank sump. Frame was striped bare and coated with POR-15 rust inhibitor. Engine was also painted with POR engine enamel.

All wiring is new, bought from Vintage wiring of ME. It’s all waterproof with mil-style connectors. The generator and distributor are NOS 24 volt, with new coil and points. Brand new fuel tank and fuel and vacuum lines. New water pump, fuel pump, oil pump, clutch, radiator, hoses, belts and ect. All new brake components: master, caliper, shoes, drums, and lines. New or NOS lights, all functioning. All new bearings/seals in burfield hubs and Warn lock out hubs. New axle on right front. NOS vacuum wiper motors. Brand new top and seat covers. Brand new tires. Gauges are new or NOS. New windshield and gasket. I believe the decals correlate to my fathers unit in Vietnam, although he was in a helicopter and not a M38a1.”

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3 Comments on “1952 M-38A1 Knoxville, TN $12,500

  1. Mark S.

    Nice looking M38A1 but has a few originality issues. Rear crossmember appears to be replaced with a steel plate/beam and I think it has a Solex Carb. on it. Still a very nice jeep, I like the mph – km/hr. speedometer.

  2. Adam Cate

    Hello, I am the seller and would like to answer any questions there may be. Contact me at About the carburetor it is the one that came on it when I got it, and that is all I know. All gauges are New or NOS and I don’t recall the Km/hr but I will check. I honestly don’t pay much attention to that. One of my daily drivers only has Km/hr. The rear cross member is fabricated from channel, as well as the front bumper. There has also been a question about the battery box cover being post ’54. I believe that is true, but again that is the one that came to me with it. I’ve had a m38a1 with the thumb screws and that is a PITA.
    Thank you all for looking.

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