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1945 MB Peachtree City, GA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4500.

It’s a project. Includes a detailed description.


“1945 Willys MB Jeep, Military Restoration Project
Well folks….there’s no sugar coating this one….its a late model 1945 Willys MB! This Jeep was produced just a few weeks prior to the end of the war contract of the Willys MB military Jeep in 1945 (Data tag dated 8/8/45). The last military MB rolled off the assembly line in early September of ’45. (I also have the original data plate and the i.d. tag is still in place on the left front frame horn).
The floors will need to be replaced as they are rusted through in several areas. I do have the original grill and hood (in excellent primered condition, the right (NOS)and left front fenders, and numerous other parts that are not pictured.

I have the heavier replacement front bumper along with the rear cross member if needed. The numbers matching engine ran when this first came home (this has been sitting in my garage for the past 7 years), however, it has a very slight crack in the water-jacket from someone who did not properly winterize it.

As these cooling systems only have 7lbs. of pressure I was told by old-time Jeep owners that this was a common problem with these 4 cylinders and was instructed to simply drop some Bars Radiater Sealer tablets into the cooling system and that normally stops any seepage of coolant. I was not as confident as the old timers so I am also including a 1945 MB engine produced a couple of weeks prior to mine so it will still be correct for a restoration. It has been magna-fluxed and comes with all internal parts.
This MB has a Utah title and was signed off by the Ogden Railway in 1984 where it apparently spent the latter part of its life. (The fellow I bought it from was told the Jeep was originally purchased at a government Air Force base auction before its life with the railroad).
The drive-train is still in place as I have not removed any of the suspension, engine, trans,etc… I did remove the carb. and some wires, hoses,etc… as I started some work but everything else is still in place (I still have the original carburetor and will make sure it is included).
The radiator is one of the nicest I’ve ever seen with virtually no damage to the cooling fins (see pic).
Here are some of the other items included (some pictured…some not):

5 military tires, tubes, and liners (New)
Leaf springs (2 NOS)
Shocks and bushings (NOS)
Replacement Temp. Gauge (New)
Complete body grab handles 4(New)
Original front drivers and passenger seat frames (media blasted but not primered)
Original Miltary seat pads (civilian spring pads also included for front seats)
New Replacemen, and original gas tank with sending unit (New)
Frame bumpers 4 (NOS)
Horn button kit (New)
NOS rear tail lights
NOS front marker lights
New wiring harness
New Spare tire mount
Original Spare tire support
Original WWII Bow set
Original windshield frames (I believe one is for a 2A?), (New date stamped glass included)
New window seals
Original and aftermarket hip pads
Original Pintle hook
Original Ames shovel Pioneer ax
Original ammo lid covers and latches
Original rear foot rests
Original air pump
Original Trico vacuum wiper motor (vacuum), and hand operated passenger side (New)
New side rearview mirror and support bracket
New clutch and pressure plate
Pyrene fire extinguisher
Many new and used parts….too many to list.”


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