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1961? DJ-3A Surrey Angels Camp, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6500.

Looks like this is missing the front bumper and the front frame rails have twisted slightly. Based on the serial number I’d say this is a 1960 (56337 17492)  if I am not mistaken.

“1961 surrey jeep original paint #s matching 1100 made I have original rims runs great and drives good . currently non op no rust have clear title there is not vary many of this left. ”

1961-dj3a-surrey-angelscamp-ca00 1961-dj3a-surrey-angelscamp-ca0 1961-dj3a-surrey-angelscamp-ca1 1961-dj3a-surrey-angelscamp-ca2

1961-dj3a-surrey-angelscamp-ca3 1961-dj3a-surrey-angelscamp-ca4


6 Comments on “1961? DJ-3A Surrey Angels Camp, CA **SOLD**

  1. Glennstin

    Dave, I think the correct S/N is 56337 17492 as we already have this one listed on the DJ3A Production / Survivor List. Looks like dual 6 Volt batteries. On C.L. Ad you can see the strap holder holes in one fender and the angled strap holder on the top side of the windshield. This was likely one of the very few green Surreys made. I’m not sure if we have any others documented.

  2. colin peabody

    Yes we have this one documented on our list, as originally green. Just for info, our Surrey was originally green, but the previous owner painted it blue in 1980 and it has stayed that way. I have found green in several places that weren’t masked off when the repaint was done, to include on the steering column under the turn signal bracket and where the steering wheel fits down on the column and on both the brake and clutch pedals where the paint has worn through. Wish I knew how many were painted green and how many were painted of each of the colors, but those records don’t sem to be available. As long as the paint on ours is still in excellent condition, I’m not changing or the striped interior or top.!

  3. Brian

    I bought this one. Yes its missing some hard to find stuff but I have had many jeeps/ willys and the body on this one is amazing. DAmn near perfectly straight with no rust. The front frame rails look worse in the photo than they are.
    If anyone has the missing parts, hubcaps, seats, bumpers let me know. I will pay top $$.
    oldironfarmer at

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Congrats Brian and thanks for the update. Great to hear it’s in such good shape. Have fun with it!

    – Dave

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