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1941 MB Slat Grille Felton, DE **No Longer For Sale**


UPDATE: **No Longer For Sale**

“Hello I have a 1941 willys slat grill jeep I bought recently. Was going to restore but found something I wanted more to work on. No data tags but body number appears to be 3571. The motor is civilian with slat grille head. Motor turns was told ran just not well going to try and remedy that. I paid 6000 for it would like to get that back”

1941-mb-connersville-in1 1941-mb-connersville-in2 1941-mb-connersville-in3 1941-mb-connersville-in4


13 Comments on “1941 MB Slat Grille Felton, DE **No Longer For Sale**

  1. Craig

    Needs more pics to determine originality. Right off, the steering wheel, speedo and rims are incorrect. Still has front bumper gussetts, grill looks good and has the early ‘square’ gas tank sump.

  2. Nick

    I contacted the guy to find out some more details. It has a CJ engine block but WWII head, and he claims it runs but has never driven it.

  3. Mark S.

    “posting deleted by author”, possibly sold again! This may be legit, may have been more work needed than previously thought.

  4. Nick

    The guy who bought it posted on G503 and said the body was in poor condition, much worse than he thought.

  5. Dan zeman

    I bought the slat not for the original selling price. I did yes have buyers remorse and listed it for sale agian. But have decided to restore it as the original seller has found the original data tags wheels and other tidbits in talking to him. Body is rough but is very worth saving. Original dod is 28 nov 1941 and serial is 101173

  6. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks for the update Dan. You wouldn’t be the first person to purchase a jeep and then realize it wasn’t quite what you thought it was. I think that’s how many folks learn 🙂

  7. Graziano Rocca

    Hello, i’m interested to buy this 1941 Slat Grill.
    Hi is still available to be sale? Let me know please.
    Thank you.

    Niki (Italy)

  8. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Niki,

    This is not for sale at this time. Seller has decided to restore it.


    – Dave

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