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Year? DJ-3A Surrey Chico, CA **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: Was $10,000. **Status Unknown**

(11/29/2015) Listed as a 1956, this very well could have been a Surrey, but not in 1956. For example, note the footman loops on the fenders.

“eep is a one of 1100 made it is called a surrey gala willys jeep dj-3a 2wd 3speed it is a 1959 we just got it running after being stored indoors for 13years the jeep is a safari color with the canopy and seats to match the engine does run well just some clean up new fluids and here and theres that are being done unless I sell at moment you can research these jeeps upon the name and the rarity of the 2wd it was shipped from Hawaii from the resorts they were used on vacations for people to drive as rentals or transport clients”



4 Comments on “Year? DJ-3A Surrey Chico, CA **Status Unknown**

  1. colin peabody

    Called the seller, and he thinks it is actually a 1959 as the serial number falls into the 1959 range. 56337 16479. Originally pink, owned originally be a lady in Kauai, Hawaii for use on her golf course. Painted tan, but does have the correct Surrey stuff. Original 4 cyl, 3 sp on column. rear mounted spare, footman loops on fenders, brackets on windshield for straps, valance in front of grille, chrome bumpers. He is waiting for California DMV to send the title as he bought this through an estate sale. Asking $15,000, but will negotiate for less.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    Sometimes people flag ads for seemingly no reason at all. I’m sure it will get reposted soon. Sometimes I think it is to discourage other buyers from contacting the seller.

    – Dave

  3. colin peabody

    Haven’t talked to the seller since this was first posted, but it has shown up here a couple of times since. Maybe he finally got a title from California DMV or maybe has a potential buyer on the hook.

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