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1948 Wagon Ogema, WI $18,000

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UPDATE: Still Available.

Nice looking wagon.

“Excellent condition 1948 Willy’s Overland for sale by owner. Over $15,000 in rebuild. Asking $18,000 OBO. ”

1948-wagon-ogema-wi2 1948-wagon-ogema-wi3 1948-wagon-ogema-wi4


9 Comments on “1948 Wagon Ogema, WI $18,000

  1. Mark S.

    craigslist post has been deleted by author. That is one of the nicest wagons I have seen, I like the color, I wonder if it is stock. Great shot of the wagon in front of the barn, poster worthy.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    Based on this color palette ( ) I would say the colors are not original.

    The main body color looks a little too orange to be Michigan Yellow, but the cream trim could be a Nassau cream. Whatever the colors, they work really well together. It’s an especially great pair of colors for the Fall Season. I wonder how well these colors shoot when everything is green in the summer.

    Dan: I read here that the script was first made in 1946 and used until they ran out?

    This site suggests it was late 1949 when they discontinued the script:

  3. colin peabody

    I think the majority of the Willys 463 station wagons from 1946 through the early 1950 models were painted with the very dark red(Tunisian Red) on the front sheet metal and top, with the reliefs in the side and rear panels being painted Mahogany, and the outer portions of the reliefs painted Clear Maple. I suspect that Willys would have painted them any color you wanted if you didn’t like the standard paint scheme. The 1948-49 Willys 663 Station Sedans came only in Luzon Red or Emerald Green with cream basket weave in the upper side reliefs on the doors and side panels.
    The Willys Overland Script was used from inception on the station wagons and Station Sedans through late 1949(some of those titled as 1950 models), but was discontinued for 1950, most probably due to the fact that Willys lost a federal lawsuit which barred them from using the words Willys-Overland as part of their name for 1950 and later. All the ads and promotional material from 1950 and later indicate only Willys (Willys Motors, Inc). Hence the Willys script on the rear bumpers of the 1950 and later Jeepsters and station wagons rather than the Willys Overland script on the Jeepster rear bumpers in 1948-49. Serial number plates even dropped the word Overland from 1950 forward.

  4. colin peabody

    I think this wagon is also missing the chrome nameplates on the side of the hood which said “Jeep Station Wagon”. I think this also has the wheels and hubcaps that are pre 1948, but the only good way to tell what year it was built is by the serial number.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    I didn’t know Willys Overland lost the right to use its full name. I just thought that was a part of its transition away from the Willys Overland brand towards Jeep. I’ll do some research on that.

  6. colin peabody

    I think I read it in some of the stuff about Willys that the Lucas County Library in Toledo has on line. I read it several years ago. You might even google Willys Overland lawsuit 1949.

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