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1943 GPW Watsonville, CA $26,500


Mark listed this at

“This jeep is a ground-up restoration with great attention given to detail and authenticity.”



7 Comments on “1943 GPW Watsonville, CA $26,500

  1. chris

    Very nice jeep – that said, I have to wonder how many jeeps have the same markings; it seems like since the making of Saving Private Ryan, every other jeep you see is marked 101 airborne, 501 parachute infantry….just sayin…

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Chris … that’s one reason I try to collect old images with other kinds of markings. I figured a few people might want to give their MB/GPWs a little different look by creating authentic signal corps, the mp jeeps (with their colorful designs) or other specific-duty jeep reproductions.

  3. Joe in Mesa

    Dave, I didn’t know you have bumper marking images!!! I finally decided on a representative (correct-ish) hood number, but I’m stumped on good bumper/bumperette markings. I’d like something with “EN” in it. I served with the 39 EN BN, 9 EN BN, and VII Corps, and even COE. Oh, and 1CAV kept me alive in Iraq both times, so I’d like to recognize them on the tan MB/CJ2A, if not the 42 GPW.

    So, when do you get here to the Valley of the Sun?

  4. David Eilers Post author

    We arrive in Tucson late on March 14th. We have an early morning tour on the 15th at an ASARCO mine. We don’t have specific plans other than that tour at this moment.

  5. DC Sean

    I completely agree with the bumper markings comments. I’ve just about finished my GPW resto and haven’t quite decided on what to paint on the bumpers. Until I find something unique, preferably with some significance to my family, I plan to leave the bumpers OD without markings. As much as I enjoy 101st and 82nd A/B history, I don’t want my jeep looking the same as so many others out there!

  6. Jay in Gilroy

    About the bumper markings, yes I’ve seen tons of 82, 101, 506, AB. Buuut My grandfather served with 2nd armored, AND was an airborne MP with the 101st, 13th and 17th AB DIV. Sooo when I get my Jeep I have some choices. They might be the same markings as others, but will actually be a true tribute, not just some letters.

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