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1965 CJ-5 Tuxedo Park IV Libby, MT **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $12,500.

“This was my dads. He ordered it in 1965 in Phoenix. I have every paper since that day. I inherited it 19 years ago and have done my best to enjoy it and keep it as amazingly original as it has always been. It has 34K original miles, it has never had a tow hitch on it. He mostly pulled it behind his truck for hunting. I transport it on a trailer. 4 years ago I was afraid it might start to rust (I moved to Montana) so I painted it with concept paint in the original paint code (Indian ceramic). I haven’t hooked everything up since painting (like the wipers and heater, and) but I have EVERY PART.”

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10 Comments on “1965 CJ-5 Tuxedo Park IV Libby, MT **SOLD**

  1. Doug In Ohio

    someone educate me.was there a choice as to floor or column shift on tuxedo park models,or did it change depending on the year?I thought tuxedo park models were column shift.

  2. Bill

    On the 4-cyl, the column shift was standard with Tux. The floor shift was an option.

    Anyone ever had a V6 with the column shift? I can’t say that I’ve seen one.


  3. Karen

    Just a note- I have a letter from the factory dated in 1965 that says they screwed up the vin number and gives the number it should have been with the A code. Certainly one of a kind! Like a miss minted coin!

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks for the update Karen. Nice bit of trivia to go along with the jeep.

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