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1942 MB Huson, MT $2950


Hasn’t been run in a few years.

“For being 74 years old this old girl is in pretty good shape. This has been in our family for about 45 years has been stored under cover or inside most of it’s life. Sorry to say that it has not been run for the last 6 or 8 years but has been inside a dry storage shed that whole time. Has less then 24,000 miles on it comes with a second set of axles, another window frame and old style gas cans, and one of the original seats. Motor was rebuilt in the 70’s but it only has been used to hunt with and has probably less then 2000 miles on it since the rebuild. Still a six volt system, my father ran an 8 volt tractor battery in it. Usually you find these in a field missing a bunch of stuff, rusted out and missing the motor.”






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