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1964 CJ-3B De Soto, MO No Long For Sale


UPDATE: No longer for sale

(02/11/2016) The pic of the side makes it look a little rough, but I suspect that’s just a photo flaw.

1964-cj3b-desoto-mo1 1964-cj3b-desoto-mo2 1964-cj3b-desoto-mo3 1964-cj3b-desoto-mo4

“1964 Jeep CJ3B
F 134 4cyl engine
T-90 trans
Model 18 transfer case
Rear 44 rear end.
Warn overdrive unit.
Bestop top and doors
Heater and defrost
Turn signals
Electric and vacuum windshield wipers

I bought this Jeep last spring from a local guy who rebuilds them. This Jeep was rebuilt by him back in the late 2000’s as a wood hauling Jeep. See the pics here:

The Jeep had a body off frame rebuild then with every component rebuilt. Since then however, as you can see in the pics, the Jeep has been used for work.

With that being the case the transmission does need to be rebuilt as it pops out of second gear.

The Jeep comes with two sets of tires and wheels, the original style 16″ steel and a new set of 15″ Pro Comp with 30×9 Maxxis tires.

Since I have owned the Jeep I made numerous minor repairs and replacements.

New fuel tank
New Fuel pump
New fuel pressure regulator
New Solex style carb, have the old original one.
Pertronix pointless ignition upgrade, still have the old plate with points.
New plug wires cap and rotor
New electric windshield wipers (still have the old vacuum units)
Willys Tight-steer unit to tighten up steering.
Jeep has a clear Missouri title in my name.

Problems with the Jeep are:
*Oil leaks.
*Transmission pops out of 2nd.
*Paint and body work are amateur, although no filler was used, only metal.
*Seats need replaced or a full rebuild. When I bought they were wire frames, I covered with foam and had the wife make some makeshift seat covers. They work, but look amateur.

Good points are:
* No rust to deal with. Body has been off of frame and every component rebuilt in the last 10 years so future repairs will be much easier.
* Everything works, lights, signals, horn, wipers, etc. Jeep will pass inspection and is licensed.
* Overall a very useable Jeep that just needs a little refreshing.


9 Comments on “1964 CJ-3B De Soto, MO No Long For Sale

  1. Minnesota Chris

    A late one too. Where’s the amber parking lights. I love that one of the “problems” is oil leaks. Part of owning a jeep is having the patience for oil leaks 😉

  2. Jared

    Hey guys this is my Jeep, it is Kens old Jeep. As far as the oil leaks go, no they are not normal. What Ken did was, he only put gasket sealer on one side of all of the surfaces so that he could make a change in the field without tearing a gasket. Sound theory, but a price is paid for it.

    As far as the body work, no it is not “nice” it is functional. Ken welds with a torch……so as you can imagine the metal is deformed from the heat. Also, he coated the entire tub with POR15 before painting so in places the paint is peeling off and showing the black underneath.

    Again, overall it is a good functional Jeep, but it is not a show piece by any standards.

    I am flexible on the price as I am tired of messing with these old things. I’ve come to a point in my life where I have a lot more money than time and I can’t afford to spend the time on this thing.

  3. Jared

    It’s not sold, I still have it. No one was willing to pay even $5500 for it and I’ve got close to 9k in it.

  4. Jared

    Jeep is no longer for sale. I’ve decided to keep rather than take a huge loss selling it at $5500 even. It’s not worth anywhere near what I have in it so I’ll just keep it and use it.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks for the update Jared. I really expected you’d get your asking price for it.

  6. bob in NC

    Jared. Don’t feel too bad. I got one too that I have 9 into and maybe worth 5500. And I would rather have yours than mine

  7. John

    Jared, im in Arkansas. I was checking old post on E-Willys website when I saw your 64 Cj3b. This site scans Craigslist and eBay for old Willys. I also noticed a painted over placard maybe on dash. Could this be a government plate. If so I’m really interested in history. Missed out on one couple years ago. Is she still available?

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