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1947 Craftsman Annual Project Magazine

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The 1947 Craftsman Annual Project Magazine contains forty-four wide ranging projects for the builder who was to try constructing everyone. Of course, there’s a battery toy jeep project among the items (directions shown below), but also included in the magazine are plans for building from scratch a welder, a battery-less telephone, a Jolly Roger boat, a hand vise, a rocket, a farm tractor (from car parts), and much more.

1947-craftsman-annual-magazine-toy-jeep1 1947-craftsman-annual-magazine-toy-jeep2 1947-craftsman-annual-magazine-toy-jeep3

1947-craftsman-annual-magazine-toy-jeep4 1947-craftsman-annual-magazine-toy-jeep5 1947-craftsman-annual-magazine-toy-jeep6 1947-craftsman-annual-magazine-toy-jeep7 1947-craftsman-annual-magazine-toy-jeep8 1947-craftsman-annual-magazine-toy-jeep9 1947-craftsman-annual-magazine-toy-jeep10 1947-craftsman-annual-magazine-toy-jeep11 1947-craftsman-annual-magazine-toy-jeep12


4 Comments on “1947 Craftsman Annual Project Magazine

  1. Ron

    I know this is an old post, but the plans to build a jeep are amazing. I may have to fire up my welder and get one of these put together. Thanks for posting it.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    Glad you enjoyed them! There is some great projects in these old magazines.

    – Dave

  3. David Eilers Post author


    It’s all there. I just checked it against a different copy of the same magazine (I accidentally bought, oops). The transition between page 6 and 7 is most definitely awkward (in case that is throwing you, it is “Fasten(pg6 to pg 7) 1/2″ axle rod to 15” wood support ….

    – Dave

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