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1942 MB Bath, NY **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** For $500.

There’s value here. Listed at $500, but sounds like it might turn into a bidding situation.

“MFG 3-25-42 BRT (British issue) Willys MB. Its has been sitting outdoors for a long time, but is fairly complete. Have not tried to move it or see if the motor turns yet. We took the glove box cover off to research this vehicle. MAKE AN OFFER! If you see it here we still have it. Emails will be deleted. Calls only!”

1942-mb-bath-ny00 1942-mb-bath-ny0 1942-mb-bath-ny1 1942-mb-bath-ny2 1942-mb-bath-ny3 1942-mb-bath-ny4


5 Comments on “1942 MB Bath, NY **SOLD**

  1. Joe in Mesa

    WOW… very cool. Excellent deal for someone (hopefully not to be parted out).
    The oddly-mounted headlights caught my eye 😉
    Hope we hear from the buyer… and maybe get more of the story.

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