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1951 M-38 Osage, MN **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $800.

Looks like there is plenty of value here.

“Hasn’t run in 10 years, ran when parked.
Great project for someone.
Title in hand”

1951-m38-osage-mn1 1951-m38-osage-mn2 1951-m38-osage-mn3 1951-m38-osage-mn4



8 Comments on “1951 M-38 Osage, MN **SOLD**

  1. Minnesota Chris

    Bummer, I missed it. That’s why I hate email only ads. You have no idea where you stand. The ad was up for 15 hours before I saw it on Craigslist so anything could have happened. It sucks when there is one in my back yard and miss out on it and end up driving to Washington to grab a good one. Gotta love the jeep life

  2. mbullism

    I missed a similar deal on a T3-C one town over this weekend the same way… ad was like 10 hours old, and said “make sure you read the whole ad before you call”… and no phone number >:-(

    The first email back said he had a guy coming at 2…
    Next email I got says he sold it… my reply?

    “I know” lol.

  3. Mark

    Sure wished I was a tad bit earlier in seeing the add! I echo the same commits from the folks who ‘lucked out’ of the bargain!

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