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1942 GPW Tuscaloosa, AL **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $12,000

Engine is seized.

“1942 Script Ford GPW. Delivered to the Army on April 29, 1942.
This is a great jeep and has matching frame and body. The engine was a World War II era replacement. This is a great piece of history and has been a joy to own.
The engine has seized and the transmission needs to be repaired.”

1942-gpw-tuscaloosa2 1942-gpw-tuscaloosa3 1942-gpw-tuscaloosa4


8 Comments on “1942 GPW Tuscaloosa, AL **SOLD**

  1. Joe in Mesa

    This looks pretty great for that price. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t sell fast. I love the photo with the ship (battleship?) and M60 tank in the background 🙂 … just wish the placcard wasn’t obstructing the view.

  2. Craig

    Wonder what happened to cause the ‘seize’. Looks as though it’s been used for re-enacting and appears to be a good looking driver. Did someone forget to check the oil!?

  3. Minnesota Joe

    This doesn’t appear to be a great deal, motor needs rebuilt, transmission needs work…

    If he was willing to deal it might be a okay buy.

  4. JW

    $12k for a non-runner? Seized engine? Busted trans? That’s not a deal at all! That rifle on the side better be nice, and the M1911 pistols in the glove box better be good shooters too.

  5. Joe in Mesa

    OK… so maybe I missed where it said, “engine has seized” AND where Dave noted “engine is seized”… but still this has very significant value: I’m thinking $9K to $10.5 to the right buyer.

    …and not JUST because I’m partial to ’42 GPWs 😉

  6. Brian L.

    That first picture is from Battleship Park in Mobile, AL. It’s the USS Alabama. It’s a great place to get lost in.

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