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Rebuilding the Ross Steering Box

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ross-steering-gearMaury published a forum-thread on rebuilding his Ross Steering Box. He (and I) thought you all might find it interesting, too. He also wanted to ackowledge Moses Ludel for all his help (read their exchange here).

This is the link to their subsequent installation & alignment thread:

Here’s a note about Maury’s experience:

I suspect everyone knows who Moses Ludel is, as he has been involved with jeeps at a professional level for several decades. As you may be aware, he has written several excellent books on jeep rebuilding and maintenance, including the Jeep CJ Rebuilders Manuals and the Jeep Owner’s Bible. He is the administrator of the 4WD Mechanix website as well.

The original Ross TL steering gear in my 1967 V6 CJ5 badly needed rebuilding, and I really wanted to accomplish this with NOS parts to the greatest extent possible. Late last year, in researching possibilities for having the rebuild work done professionally, I came across a video on Moses’ website about rebuilding the Ross boxes in which he rebuilt one for a client. I contacted him to ask if he was still doing that kind of work on the side. He responded that he is not, but in short order, he got me interested in doing the rebuild myself. Moses offered to assist me through the process by helping me create a pictorial thread on his website, through which he could advise me as I worked through it one step at a time.

The resulting process of finding the parts and fully rebuilding and installing two Ross TL boxes (mine and my brother in law’s) is thoroughly documented in the two threads linked to above. The first thread is on the rebuilding process itself, and the second covers the installation and alignment of the gear. I found the DIY approach to be very rewarding, including the fact that I “had” to acquire several tools I didn’t own or know how to use before.

Moses’ help and advice were invaluable in successfully completing this project. He is a true guru of all things jeep, and I am grateful that he very generously spent so much time guiding me through this process. I hope these threads will be equally helpful to others who decide to try rebuilding their Ross gearboxes themselves.


3 Comments on “Rebuilding the Ross Steering Box

  1. Gene Hazen

    We have a Jeep in our shop at Norfolk Alignment in Norfolk, NE. It is a mix and match Jeep that we are not sure what year it is because the frame and the body are not the same and the gear box is shot and needs replaced. We found a number on the gear box, it is a Ross #T125996, but we can not find a way to cross that number to find an aftermarket gear box due to not know the year of the Jeep. Would it be possible for you to call and talk to us and help us out with this or let us know what we can do to figure out what year the Jeep is. What year is the Jeep that you put the Gear box with the same part number in?
    Thank you for your Time

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Gene,
    1) feel free to email me directly at
    2) If you could take some photos and email them to me that would allow me to help you try and figure out what you have.

    – Dave
    David Eilers

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