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Willys Motors Makes “Ranger” for US Navy

A September 2, 1953, article in the Toledo Blade relayed the news that Willys Motors and Mobile Fire Apparatus, Inc., were planning to produce a Willys mobile fire jeep called the Ranger. According to Four Wheeler Magazine, the1952 truck shown below is an example of the Ranger. However, it’s a little puzzling that the truck is a 1952, when the announcement wasn’t made until late 1953? Maybe Mobile Fire Apparatus used an older chassis? Anyone have an insight on this?


A second article shared the news that Brede Products was planning to sell a snow plow, powered by its own jeep engine. Below is one of two photos from Four Wheeler you can view the front of the rotary snow plow here. Anyone have a brochure for this?


A third article announced an agreement between Mitsubishi and the Willys Overland Export, Inc.



5 Comments on “Willys Motors Makes “Ranger” for US Navy

  1. Bob

    that snowblower would cool to have. There has to be stuff like this around somewhere!

  2. Bill

    Now I have some info on the snowblower the was on my 62 CJ5. It was the Pennsylvania governor’s mansion snow removal jeep in the 1960s. They beefed the rear springs, had a granny gear 4 speed and that auxiliary power plant mounted there. It’s wasn’t there when I got it. The beauty is the low mile, hardly broken in

  3. JW

    That announcement was the start of a Jeep – Mitsubishi partnership that lasted until 1998 when the last MitsuJeep rolled off the line. My J53 is a 1987 but it looks like a CJ3B from decades earlier. I think Mitsubishi was a good custodian of the brand, but it’s too bad they never sold them in the US.

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