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1958 CJ-3B Des Moines, IA $6900


UPDATE: Price dropped to $6900.

(11/04/2015) “1958 Willys CJ-3B. Runs great. I replaced transmission with new from Kaiser Willys last year. Clutch was in really good shape so did not replace. Also installed Warn premium locker hubs and did extensive brake work and also rebuilt some of steering. Body is in nice shape with no meaningful rust (body and paint was done by a previous owner). Paint has a few minor flaws. Engine starts and runs well. Tires are excellent condition. Horn is missing, as is emergency brake cable. Cannot validate mileage.”

1958-cj3b-desmoines-ia1 1958-cj3b-desmoines-ia2 1958-cj3b-desmoines-ia3 1958-cj3b-desmoines-ia4


7 Comments on “1958 CJ-3B Des Moines, IA $6900

  1. Minnesota Chris

    Nice looking jeep. Could possible be a reproduction tub with the way the speedometer is mounted. Instead of studs on the back of the dash, there are through screws. There are also no drain holes but the bow supports are in place. I can’t see clearly enough if there is the repop seam in the firewall.

  2. bob in NC

    No real history. Current owner not sure of much if it is a replacement body he was Told and should share this info.

    Nice jeep. With original body I would be 5 – 5.5.

    Bob in sunny NC

  3. Minnesota Chris

    I agree with your price evaluation Bob. The light switch is also not on the top left of the speedo like late gen 3b’s. It’s on the left side of steering wheel like the first gens. A clear pic of the firewall and I would be able to tell if it was an original or a reproduction tub. Rear crossmember has been replaced and is not even close to original. No draw bar either. Exhaust is not routed to rear passenger corner and there are no signs of spare tire carrier holes. When the price goes up the details also have to go up.

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