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1945 Promotional Photo with CJ-2 X-32 on eBay

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UPDATE: Here’s a third press photo of this family camping and picnicking. Below it is an advertisement based on the photo.

“1945 Press Photo Jeep Contributing to the family’s pleasure. This is an original press photo. The postwar Jeep especially adapted for peacetime work, combines the four basic functions of tractor, light truck, mobile power unit and passenger conveyance. Photo shows the new Jeep. just unveiled to public by Willys-Overland.”

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Bill pointed out that this photo was later illustrated and used in a magazine ad:


This photo and caption were for sale on eBay in Feb 2016

1945-07-19-jeep-picnic-trailer1 1945-07-19-jeep-picnic-trailer2

This was for sale in 2014

“1945 Family Roadside Picnic Lunch Postwar Jeep Willys Overland Motor Press Photo. You are bidding on an original 8 X 10 Press Photo of Family Roadside Picnic Lunch Postwar Jeep Willys Overland Motor. Photo is dated 1945.”




13 Comments on “1945 Promotional Photo with CJ-2 X-32 on eBay

  1. keith

    That photo was taken on the southwest corner of Travis Road and Milford Road in New Hudson Michigan. (Just South of CESOR farm) they could have walked home from there…

  2. JoeB

    Cool grill guard.

    I don’t believe letting the family roam freely in a moving trailer back then was the atrocity it is considered in present times.

    Heck, they the family would likely fare better in the trailer in a (top speed=40 mph) crash than in the CJ!


  3. Bob

    I had a 16 foot car trailer behind mine last fall with 6 people on it during a parade. That thing was pushing me down a wet street with a slight grade.

  4. colin peabody

    The Jeep is question is one of the Agri-Jeep prototypes due to the grill guard, the tractor tires and the Brass “Jeep” emblem on the base of the windshield, and the X32 on the front bumper.

    In 1946, my dad, mom and I lived in a Glider house trailer, probably about a 24footer, until my sister was born in early 47. Dad pulled it from Galesburg, IL to Peoria to be closer to his work and then sold the trailer when the folks bought a house. Dad told me later that the farm duties he did with the Jeep, plowing mostly for farmers(that’s how he paid for the Jeep) and towing that trailer sure didn’t help the Jeep’s longevity! I can’t remember well but it seems the Jeep was severely overloaded pulling that trailer. He probably still had the front weights on it at that time.

  5. Bill

    this photograph was eventually made into a drawing, the CJ-2 was changed to a Pasture Green CJ-2A and it was used in an early color print advertisement.

    Dave- I’ll email it to you if you’d like to ad it to the post


  6. Ted

    The Photo is actually from a very rare and early Willys Jeep brochure called Jeep Planning that deals with the very earlyCJ2 ag Jeeps as Colin mentioned .If your lucky enough to find one this picture is on the front cover of a news paper fold out that is included in the original brochure which is about 24 pages long with nothing but prototype pictures in it. The news paper section is most always missing . The jeeps in brochure most all have the left angle drive drum pulley attachment which to this day to the best of my knowledge has never been found to be put back into use on one of the surviving Ag Jeeps

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