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1954 CJ-3B Pocatello, ID No Price


Looks solid.

“1954 willys cj3b jeep. Runs clean title. Original motor.”



8 Comments on “1954 CJ-3B Pocatello, ID No Price

  1. Idaho Todd

    Oooo, look at that top! Very nice. Surprised my brother isn’t all over this…

  2. Minnesota Chris

    Alright… everyone knows how much I love high hoods. This one looked solid enough where I decided to make a call to the seller. OMG! He asked me if I knew anything about jeeps and I said yeah, a little. Then he’s like, well then you know that the cj3b was only made for one year right. I couldn’t hold back and had to give him a history lesson. After some silence of him being stunned, I asked what are you wanting for this “rare” 3b. His reply was 12 and I said will that’s not bad. I said, if it’s all there and runs and drives then sure I’ll give you $1200… he chuckled. I asked if that’ll work and he went on to say no, this is $12,000. Now some silence on my part… you’re serious sir? He’s like, well yes these are rare and the market around here justifies it. Hmmmmmmm

  3. Minnesota Chris

    Toddy, I made the call with my wife sitting next to me. She laughed at the comment.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Putting aside my general policy of refraining from targeting high prices (I try to just focus on the jeep), I climb onto my soap box.

    1. And they said their is no meth/crack problems in Idaho. Seriously, $12k for that?

    2. This spring seems especially bad for high prices. I am seeing all kinds of unoriginal/modified junk at $15k and above.
    3. There’s an M-38 for $45k here:
    4. This one is $19k:
    5.l this one is $14k:

    And that’s not all I found searching today.


    (steps off soap box and heads to bed)

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Paul, I”ll give that a try … “Goodnight, Dave”

    Nope, don’t feel a damn sight better for writing or saying it 🙂

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