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Another Delivery Package Van Found

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Sid-kris posted pics of this Willys Overland Package Van on Facebook (he was wondering what it was). This marks the third package van we’ve identified. The first is the one Jesse is rebuilding. The second was sold in 2014 in California (a slightly different model – see brochures here). This third one was spotted in West Virginia as I understand it. What’s unique about this one is that it is 4WD (the other two were 2WD).

wv-panel-van-1 wv-panel-van-4 wv-panel-van-3 wv-panel-van-2


8 Comments on “Another Delivery Package Van Found

  1. Seth

    I don’t know the person who made the Facebook post but I would love to make this my next resto project if it is just going to sit there continuing to deteriorate…

  2. Rob

    Have owned many, Willys & Jeeps. Used to live on Maplewood across the street from the Willys/Jeep factory. Have friends & relatives in the biz & who worked at the factory(W-O/Jeep)…. Would be most interested in acquiring this & would justly compensate all who assist in it’s acquisition. Proud of my Toledo/Sylvania/Ohio roots & believe in the spirit of “Jeep”, Dana, as well as the strong automotive roots & ties that are part of the “Toledo Heritage”. NO old Willys or pre-AMC Jeep should be left to decline or total loss. This is my motto/credo/goal. Thank you, kindly, to any and all who can assist in this noble quest!!! Direct contact details on request. My name is Rob.

  3. mike

    Rob,although I have no direct information about this Willys vehicle, It is so good to hear from someone who lived across the street from the factory. You must have a lot of interesting stories to tell that we all want to hear. I for one am listening… Mike Finegan

  4. David Eilers Post author

    I have inquired into the vehicle’s availability, but have yet to hear anything back.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Well, I must have missed that .. I hate it when those multiple threads on the same topic get going on Facebook.

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