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1944 MB Auburn, CA $10,000


UPDATE: See comment below. Price quoted by seller was higher thank $10k, despite what appears in the ad.

“Original Army Willys Jeep
Best offer over $10,000
Runs Great!
License Current”

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6 Comments on “1944 MB Auburn, CA $10,000

  1. Brian

    I went and looked at this one. The ad read $10ooo at the time. I got there and he said he wanted $15k. I said what happened to $10? His daughter posted it for that he said. So I wasted about 3 hours. Now the ad says best offer over $10.
    Its nice and has all the small parts usually missing. It was a military rebuild and has a mix of ford and willys parts. Ran ok. Tub was the worst part, lots of bondo, hat channels were gone and had aluminum rods screwed in over the missing hat channels and sheet aluminum on the floors screwed down and painted.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    Thanks for the report. I’m sorry to hear about the price issue. Frankly, I think he should have honored the price given that what was posted.

    – Dave

  3. Andy

    Thanks very much Brian. I ran into the same deal with these folks but thankfully I didnt go to see it.

  4. Jay in Gilroy

    10 grand+ and the body is pretty much shot? WTF?? Then he wants 15k? Wow, some people put sentimental price tags on items that are just to far out there.

  5. David Eilers Post author


    The rear hubs provide the ability to unlock them for towing … or if you broke something in the rear, you could still drive with the front by just spinning the hubs.

    – Dave

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