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1943 MB Arizona **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1000.

This WW2 jeep is for sale. Contact the seller at

“This jeep is 80% complete. Need T.L.C. part of WW 2 history. Center mount for arms still there. Want one to make a true part of history this is it.

Jeep is in Arizona and has a little rust but most parts are savable. I am getting to old to start and finish this part of history. I will help with delivery”

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6 Comments on “1943 MB Arizona **SOLD**

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Where’d you find this ad, Dave? Craigslist? Did the seller send this to you?
    More importantly, WHERE IN AZ? It’s a 3-day weekend… I’d like to check this out.
    Too bad they cut a tailgate into the body 🙁

  2. Joe in Mesa

    I emailed the seller and he responded quickly… said he’s in the Safford area; but unfortunately that’s a good 3 hours from me. Said he’s working on the jeep and seemed very nice. I don’t mind if someone is trying to “flip” a jeep as long as they do good work and the resulting price is fair to me.

  3. Jay Hinton

    Nothing wrong with a flip. Just giving the heads up that its was not his Grandfathers jeep story.

  4. Joe in Mesa

    Soooo, thank goodness a local Phoenix area guy bought this… because he harvested what he needed, offered it for sale and now it’s mine 🙂
    Of course now I get to repair that tailgate situation… but finally my MB/CJ mix jeep will become all MB!

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