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1945 MB Livermore Falls, ME **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500.

Mark just listed this project MB at


“I’ll do my best to list everything. This is a WWII 1945 Willy’s MB military jeep. Overall its in great shape, the motor is out but has been cleaned and simply needs to be reassembled. Below I’ve listed everything it comes with and it’s condition, thanks.

Tires – rubber is weathered rims are excellent

Frame – has had some restoration and has been painted, weak points welded, overall very good condition. The rear most cross member of the frame needs to be replaced.

Chassis – very good condition, again weak points fixed, painted

Drive shaft – cleaned up, very good condition

Springs – very good condition

Front/Rear end/axles – very good condition

Bumper – has been strengthened with welds, also has a hitch (included) that mounts to the bumper so that the jeep can be towed like a trailer

Transmission – previous owner states it works just fine, I’ve not had the motor back in so I cant say, looks like it should be ready to go

teering column – great shape (has been disconnected for easy removal for the time being

Motor – disassembled cleaned, de-greased and pressure washed, was told it originally had a stuck piston but it’s since been freed, cleaned and is in working order, was specifically told that the motor will not require any machining, the head was cleaned and painted, have a brand new head gasket for it, I also have boxes of motor parts. I was told all the original parts are there, ready for reassembly. A lot of the parts are also organized and labeled.

Fenders – in good condition, painted

Hood – great condition, has both tie downs and 1 tie down for windshield, needs the wood hood blocks replaced

Windshield, has had a lot of work, obviously is slightly different than a typical WWII Willy’s windshield but functions just fine, very solid, glass has no scratched or cracks

Tub – aftermarket sides were put on years ago according to previous owner and are in great condition, dash is in great condition, has a glove box, needs a new floor pan, the tunnel is in okay condition, has a few weak points/holes that can be patched otherwise definitely salvageable, the rear end of the tub is also in very good condition, also have the tail lights.

Gas tank – I have the tank for it, doesn’t seem to have any holes is filled with dirt or grime or something

Not included – seats, exhaust

Brakes – master cylinder has been rebuilt, brakes should be good needs lines

Lights – comes with tail lights, head lights, head light bucket brackets and blackout driving lights

Overall the jeep is in good shape, I am not a mechanic, I’m looking at two large boxed of engine parts, everything looks to be there, radiator is there and in great shape, have the fan, have belts etc etc etc. I will answer any and all questions to the best of my ability, if I find more stuff for it I’ll update this auction. This is being sold as is, with everything I got for it, buyer is responsible for picking it up or having it shipped. I don’t need to sell it, my price is firm, I am not going to trade for anything, just cash. Thanks.”


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  1. Erwin van Koppenhagen

    Dear Sir,

    Can you sent me some more photographs, details form this Willy?

    Kind regards,
    Erwin van Koppenhagen

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