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DJ-3A Surrey/Gala Guru Bruce Agan Passed Away

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I’m sorry to report that Bruce Agan passed away after a short fight with cancer yesterday in Iowa.

We first exchanged emails in 2009. He generously shared a large amount of DJ-related info for eWillys readers. Over the ensuing years he became a go-to-guy for anything DJ-3A, Gala, or Surrey related. In 2012, he started the site, which contains a large amount of DJ info. I had hoped to stop by and visit with him during one of our trips, but I hadn’t got the chance.

So, we bid a farewell to our good friend. Perhaps he’s already busy discussing the finer points of the Surrey with Elvis. Here’s the surrey that Bruce restored, one of several jeeps he owned.




6 Comments on “DJ-3A Surrey/Gala Guru Bruce Agan Passed Away

  1. Colin Peabody

    Dave, thanks for posting this about Bruce. All of us who own, restore and enjoy our DJ3As and Surreys have been the recipients of Bruce’s dedication to the massive amount of information he put together and made available to us. He was always ready to help with information and advice. A great guy and good friend to all of us.
    Rest in Peace, my friend!

  2. Glennstin

    I just checked and it still works on my computer. I have previously seen posts that it may not be available in the future, and some effort is going on to preserve the info.

  3. David Eilers Post author


    Strangely, it appeared gone to me earlier this year. But, now when I go there, it is showing up. Maybe it was just temporarily down? Did you do a forced refresh on your browser?

    I have saved all the information using a MACOSX app called site sucker. So, I have the information (though it will take time to repost). Colin had suggested I contact Bruce’s wife and talk with her about hosting the site once it goes down. I just haven’t had time yet. The work on this Alaska trip is consuming more time than I’d intended.

    – Dave

  4. Pascal Lavoie

    It sad but his website is really gone now. I would host it myself if I had the authorization and files.

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