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1942 MB Orange County, CA **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: Still Available.

“Military Jeep as used in WW2. Original four cylinder flat head engine, new Firestone tires and combat rims. Attracts attention everywhere it goes. If interested leave your phone number, I will not respond to inquiries without a phone number due to scammers..”



5 Comments on “1942 MB Orange County, CA **Status Unknown**

  1. Luis

    Could’nt build it for that price, very nice MB, and with all the extras also. I would think it will not last for sale long.

  2. Joe in Mesa

    So many thought on this one:
    Agree with Luis that it shouldn’t last long at this price!
    Are the front-most cans on the hood for Petrol? Water? …British or German?
    Is that the correct overflow tank on the grill?
    I’m glad the seller didn’t cut the front grill like the “real” LRDG jeeps.
    Did they have the blackout drive (drivers fender) that early in the war?
    No windscreen here… which seems to make sense: just never noticed that before.

    NICE jeep at a great price 😀

  3. Mike Spies

    The LRDG used German jerry cans. Brits supplied petrol in square ‘flimsy’ metal cans that leaked, punctured easily, and were hard to pack efficiently.

    The cans on the front of the hood look like ‘Jerry’ cans, the ones in the rear like the standard US made jerry cans widely sold before the State of Kalifornia decided that they were a pollution risk.

  4. Pete van der Steen

    Is this one still for sale?
    I live in Holland Europe and are interested!
    Please inform me

    Pete van der Steen

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Pete,

    I have not seen this listed on Craigslist in a while. I have updated the post. If I seat again, I will send you an email.

    – Dave

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