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1943 MB Phoenix, AZ **SOLD**


UPDATE:**SOLD** Was $800. This was sold once previously through eWillys.

“I have a 43 Willys MB Jeep. I have used a lot of the parts off this jeep for another build. It does come with frame, tub, engine, trans, transfer case, axles, steering, wheels and tires, and all you see in the pictures. Frame is solid. The floor in the tub has been replaced by someone using regular sheet steel and not replacement pan parts, but they did a decent job. They cut a tail gate into the back and reinforced it with angle iron. Engine is the 134 L-head. It turns over freely, never did try to start it. Transfer case shifts into gears. Transmission does not want to shift into gears. I would recommend both trans and transfer case be rebuilt do to age. Axles appear to be in working order but look like they could use seals. Has original speedo. Steering components are good. Wheels are good but tires are a bit dry. Comes with matching spare.”

1943-mb-phoenix-az--07 1943-mb-phoenix-az--08 1943-mb-phoenix-az--09


4 Comments on “1943 MB Phoenix, AZ **SOLD**

  1. Joe in Mesa

    That’s what’s great about living in Arizona, Bob. But it’s also the problem: too many tempting projects! This one is worth every penny, but I’d only be interested in that original MB tub, and with both tailgate cut out and sump well plated over I really need to pass on this one… I think… darn those hurricane rims look good 😉

  2. Joe in Mesa

    I found the previous ad, based on location, rust marks, and unique tailgate… but interestingly NOT those cool hurricane rims: 1943 MB Arizona **SOLD** June 3, 2016 • CATEGORIES: MB
    THANKS for your help in acquiring my FIFTH eWillys-advertised flat fender jeep 🙂
    Seller was great. He’s looking for a WWII windscreen and correct wide mouth fuel tank, if you know of any out here.

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