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More Pics from Charles

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Date & Location unknown


italy 1944-5TH army


polish army in italy


verona -italy 91th recon troop-bumper markes 5A 91R


Ardennes 1944


signal corps -place date unknown. Looks to be a Bantam BRC-40


ww2 -somewhere in italy


Caption below. Looks to be an SAS jeep.



Date/Place Unknown




The pic below this shows a closeup of the artillery on back of the jeep.


Closeup of artillery. What is it?


The file name indicate this is the Dakota Theatre.


ardennes -belgium 1944 -place unknown (probably malmedy)


Maxwell Taylor in Normandy. 101st Airborne



6 Comments on “More Pics from Charles

  1. CraigInPA

    That first pic with the jeep on its side is rather interesting due to the small girl standing on the hill nearby. The pic seems very posed, since the guy standing there with the jeep that is obviously having work done underneath has perfectly creased trousers, and not a spec of oil or dirt on him.

  2. Joe in Mesa

    Thanks Charles. Also enjoy these vintage pics.

    9th pic, Date/Place Unknown, (vehicles passing troops on narrow road) may be the only apparently-WWII pic I’ve seen with the water bag (circle with X straps on bottom) stowed on the back of the fuel can in the manner almost every restored WWII jeep has theirs displayed these days. Although it looks cool, I’ve refused to display a water bag there until I saw evidence that this was actually done in WWII and not just fad everyone copies from everyone else.

    12th pic appears to be an early attempt at MLRS (multiple launched rocket system) by mounting several bazookas together. Just don’t stand anywhere behind it when they fire any/all of those!

  3. Jay in Gilroy

    Joe, Id have to agree on the rocket launcher. It looks like they mounted them on a search light. but not positive.

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