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Mott Mower Brochure

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On the side of the CJ-3A shown in this Mott mower brochure was printed “Akron” and “Canton”. I can’t make out the third word.

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6 Comments on “Mott Mower Brochure

  1. Lester Senn

    It appears to me to read Airport. The Akron Canton Airport is still in operation in Ohio.

  2. Mike

    The city of Clifton, NJ had 3 CJ3A’s back in the 1950’s equipped with similar mowers, this is how they cut grass in the city parks & ball fields. One of the Jeeps, in addition to the pull along mower had a side arm, 5-6 feet long that worked much like a hedge trimmer, mounted on the passenger side and controlled by the driver. (up & down)

  3. Bob

    That’s very cool. I live right by the Akron/Canton airport. I wonder if they have any historical photos around?

  4. Keith Buckley


    Come on Bob, aim higher, see if they still have the JEEP !

    The guy at the Canton Jeep dealer owned a hangar on the north side of the airport…

  5. David Eilers Post author

    And in other news, someone has been breaking into airport hangers at the Akron/Canton airport. Nothing was reported stolen. Police suspect the perpetrator is looking for something in particular ….

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