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1952 M-38A1 Charlestown, RI **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

It runs.

“Jeep runs
Body needs work
Pick Up ONLY – Charlestown. RI
Cash ONLY – $2,500 as is, or best offer”

1952-m38a1-charlestown-ri0 1952-m38a1-charlestown-ri1 1952-m38a1-charlestown-ri2


8 Comments on “1952 M-38A1 Charlestown, RI **SOLD**

  1. ray

    im a transporter in fl headed up there next week. if mark hasnt gotten this shipped yet have him give me a call thx ray patriot hotshot 352 804 4285

  2. Mark

    Ray I wished I saw your commit. I would have used you and I think a meeting would be great. I got her tonight and it needs some work so now I have a long term project! If you are ever in North Georgia give me a call and I’ll buy you lunch or dinner. 706-374-0358. next time I’ll give you a call! This is all Dave’s’ fault posting great jeeps!

  3. Mark

    OK I’m stumped with a what in the world is this round 5″ tube on the left rear of my jeep? Does anybody have a clue what it is and what is it good for? She arrived tonight 8-13-16 toward the evening so I’ll have to wait for daylight to explore the jeep. Time to build my parts list. The body needs work so it looks like I have a welder in my near future! I’m open for suggestions on what that tube really is. I’ll take some pictures and I what to thank any one that chimes in! Mark

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Tube on the driver’s side rear? Send me some pics and I’ll check it out. Any excuse to get a new welder is a good excuse in my book 🙂

  5. Ted Jordan

    Hey Mark ,Ted here . Im pretty sure I have one of those tubes in a pile of various Jeep parts and I think if Im not mistaken the top threads off and its a big storage Tube ( air and watertight ) as you would only get with the military/ Not sure what there purpose was originally , maybe ammunition’s or something . Possibly one of the military guys have a better answer for you but none the less a cool storage tube for whatever

  6. Mark

    Thanks Ted. I wasn’t even think in that direction! I’ll try to unscrew the ‘lid’ and see if my M1 Garand fits. I’ll post what I find out. It makes sense. This jeep has the fording device switch installed but missing lots of pieces.

  7. Mark

    Dave the last picture show the tube I just typed the wrong side. I do have a long term project now but I have lots of good jeep to work with! I’ll take more pictures later this week and hopefully on Wednesday I see a ‘real’ back doctor so I’m not crawling under the jeep until Thursday. Now I have a reason to buy a welder!!

  8. Mark

    Hello Ted and David. I pop the top and the tube has some leakage and is about 1/4 full of water. An M1 Garand could be stored in the tube or about anything else that you can roll up. I’ll try and get some pictures sent to you David. The wx hasn’t been cooperating with my visits from Mr. Art Ritus. I’ll have plenty of time to decide to keep the tube and find or make new gaskets to make the tube water resistance or it will find a spot in my future jeep scrap pile. There are some missing parts but the dash has the Fording pull switch so it’s not too costly I would like to play around with getting a fording option back to workable condition. Shoot all it takes is money! Now if I can just find those $20.00 plates for the platen press!

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