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Late 1960s Ramsey Product Brochure

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I purchased this off of eBay. It is a very helpful Ramsey product brochure that shows the incredible variety of winches, PTOs, reducers, and transmission produced by Ramsey in the late 1960s. I had no idea they manufactured so many. Note on the third page that the rare PTO rear gearbox 1B is shown.

1960s-ramsey-winch-brochure-front-lores 1960s-ramsey-winch-brochure-middle-lores 1960s-ramsey-winch-brochure-back-lores


4 Comments on “Late 1960s Ramsey Product Brochure

  1. Niels Pedersen

    Interesting brochure. The International truck sample that they show on the front page is a 1962 model. I would think if the brochure was late 60’s they would show a newer model? Niels

  2. David Eilers Post author

    The rough date of the brochure was based on the seller’s info. Perhaps it was more of an early 60s brochure?

  3. Niels Pedersen

    Looks like some of the other trucks are 1965 to 1967 ish (Dodge and Chevy)….. so must be from that later period as you mentioned. I just found it strange.

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