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Brian Hainer’s FC Corners

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UPDATE: Go here to see some of Brian’s 3B body videos.

Brian Hainer has begun making some videos showing how he makes body parts out of sheet metal. He’s finished a couple videos already. He’ll soon be completing a series of videos on how to fabricate a complete Willys body.

Currently he has a set of three videos showing how he produced a corner piece for an FC-170.

Here are links to the subsequent videos for the FC corner:

You can see all four of his videos and subscribe to his youtube channel at the link below:


10 Comments on “Brian Hainer’s FC Corners

  1. Brian Lawrenz

    He was looking for someone with an FC in the Northeast that he could meet with to take additional cab measurements so he could offer more body panels…..

  2. Estell L Baldridge

    is the metalshaper still in business? Sent him a email, haven’t heard from him, must be busy.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Last I knew Brian is still in business, but he is busy. Sometimes emails don’t always work. You might try a followup email if you haven’t already.

    – Dave

  4. Estell L Baldridge

    Brian thought I would try again, I would like to purchase some of that gear oil you talked about on one of your videos. I would really like for you tohave been the one to restore my cj3a, but to far to travel. Really like your videos. Gear oil for the transmission.

  5. Douglas Battjes

    Brian ,,Left a message on your tube page,,,F-134 2 engines rebuild,,,can’t find the finishing up of them,,,watched all the way to part 5 or 6 I think….Need some info on the F head in a 53 willys pickup, accelerator liinkage and can’t find any info..have the general idea but may be missing the left side linkage. This was completely disassemble by a body shop, and I mean everything,,,down to window regulator screws. all wiring, got it in boxes and fenders ++++ in the bed. Don’t tell me,,,have had Willys since I was 12, learned how to drive on a 2A . Tell you more about all the parts from old 2A’s I have and would like to unload some. Plus rebuild engines, L heads, and more more more.

  6. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Douglas, try emailing Brian directly at metalshaper @ (remove spaces around the “@”).

    – Dave

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