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1956 Harney Peak Article & Photos

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The February 1956 issue of Globetrotter featured a short article about using jeeps to take tourists to Harney Peak in South Dakota. You can see more pics and information about Harney Peak jeeps on a couple other posts.

1956-02-globetrotter-harney-peak4 1956-02-globetrotter-harney-peak5 1956-02-globetrotter-harney-peak6 1956-02-globetrotter-harney-peak7

1956-02-globetrotter-harney-peak8 1956-02-globetrotter-harney-peak9


4 Comments on “1956 Harney Peak Article & Photos

  1. Lew

    I assume the spares are on the front for load control (althought maybe to control width in narrow places). Also, note the use of tractor weights on the front.

  2. Lew

    An internet search provided some info, but not much of what I was looking for. Not sure about in 1956, but as of today there is a highway that passes within 3.5 miles of the peak. From that point it must be hiked. I wasnt able to find any history about roads or driving to the base of the rocks that are the actual peak. Who knows when the Jeep tours stopped.

  3. Mark

    Too bad it’s not still running, what a great way to get to the top! I bet today’s insurance and attorneys wouldn’t allow one jeep to motor off onto the trail! Sure would still be fun if it was available today!

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